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Embassy Partners

Blues Alley is proud of our Embassy Partners




When evaluating the musical DNA of Washington, DC music has remained a fiscal component of our city’s culture. Historically we have witnessed the rise of bluegrass music during the post-World War II era, go-go in the post-riot period and rhythm and blues throughout the second half of the 20th century. Blues Alley Jazz first initiated the embassy jazz series at the turn of this century in partnership with every major embassy located here in our Nation’s Capital. 


Recognizing that the 20th century modern jazz music movement was truly an American-centric genre, the 21st century witnessed the first true importation of overseas jazz influences. The jazz series format became a framework to showcase all genres of jazz music in a variety of different production capacities. The coordination of agencies, institutions and the diplomatic corps requires a unique skillset that is manifested in different venues including the facilitation of artists and their incumbent documentation for performing in domestic work situations or for touring domestically. Either way Blues Alley Jazz contains the skillset and the expertise to facilitate your jazz music series.



Over the course of the past half-century Blues Alley Jazz has been instrumental in contributing to a vast number of daily, weekend or weekly festivals that have incorporated jazz music and education. Navigating the Federal city requires an astute knowledge of area agency’s oversights, contractors, administration, coordination, procedural permitting, artist negotiations and event execution. Likewise a business requires access to non-profit cultural institutions to secure venues for receptions, performances, staging, queuing, educational panels and combining entertainment platforms for third-party principals.



Blues Alley Jazz has been instrumental as a tenant, operator, consultant or partner on some of the most important entertainment-oriented projects inside either the Federal city or its immediate environs. As either a consultant or as a partner Blues Alley Jazz has participated as a principal partner on the Howard, Bethesda, Takoma and Olde Town Theaters. As a proposed tenant or operator Blues Alley Jazz has retained prominent architectural firms, or assembled project teams, for entertainments components in the City Center, Market Commons, Ballston Quarter, Anacostia Gateway and The Wharf project in Washington, DC. These varied roles include acting as an entertainment anchor on mixed-use projects, providing historical expertise or alternative-use redevelopment on environmentally sensitive properties throughout the region.

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