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Non-Profit Support

Blues Alley is deeply committed to supporting the local, national and global communities. Blues Alley demonstrates its local commitment through its various non-profit events, activities, programs and contributions. The role of the Blues Alley non-profit is to promote youth, jazz and education and to embrace those non-profit organizations that strive to do the same. While we receive countless requests every annum to donate we cannot fulfill every request we receive. We must therefore first focus on those organizations that similarly attempt to fulfill our mission through their own means. This mandate extends to others through our for-profit support of the arts both here in Washington, DC and around the world. Every year we receive ample requests for funding, promotions, donations and contributions but we cannot accommodate each and every one. We have therefore established a set of standards or criterion that individuals and/or organizations must fulfill as follows:


  • You must be a non-profit organization;

  • Your mission must be consistent with our mission;

  • You must submit a formal written request to the address below;

  • You must submit an IRS 501(c)(3) Exemption Letter;

  • Your non-profit must be a registered District of Columbia corporation.

  • Blues Alley Jazz Society, PO Box 3616, Washington DC 20007


We will then honor your request by submitting a series of Blues Alley passes suitable for awards, auctions or in-kind merchandising benefits provided you conform to the criteria above. In addition to the aforesaid you may also visit our non-profit Website at to explore our own programs and events. Any additional questions can be identified or pursued by contacting us within. We thank you for your continued interest and patronage in Blues Alley and wish you well in your fundraising endeavors.

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