Dwayne Adell Trio


Dwayne Adell was born and raised in New York. While growing up he played pop, blues and classical piano, learning from records, TV and radio and playing exclusively by ear. Self-taught, as a teenager he won a classical piano competition, performing Rachmaninov. In D.C. as a young man he was introduced to jazz at a performance by pianist Reuben Brown at the One Step Down. Shortly thereafter he played with the UDC Jazz Band under the direction of Calvin Jones, and then started his jazz career in earnest. Adell is a recognized figure in the District jazz underground, having worked in various capacities with artists such as Quincy Jones and more recently being featured in the upcoming movie ‘Oxygen For The Ears’, which features Esperanza Spalding, Buck Hill, Andrew White and many others.

Adell sees a profound interrelationship among various artistic and scientific disciplines, i.e., mathematics, physics, music, electronics, chemistry, biology and genetics. His vision extends into a unique perception of jazz as a music of liberation, jazz as freedom and finally, sound as love.

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